Top Four Landmarks of America

Top Four Landmarks of America

We are talking here at Top Four Landmarks of America. When trying to decide where to take your next vacation, a trip to America will no doubt feature prominently on the list. Approximately 50 million people visit every year, a trip across the pond once not forgotten in time. While many go to Orlando theme parks or perhaps the Grand Canyon, there are so many cities across the country that each tells an interesting story about America.

We begin our journey in Philadelphia, home of the famous Liberty Bell. First built in 1752, the 12-foot copper and tin structure have become an iconic icon to represent American independence. An important feature of the bell is its strong shading, one that has been present since it was first run when it arrived in the city.

Landmarks of America

Next, we have Alcatraz, the legendary island prison found in San Fransisco. Due to being separated from the mainland by the strong, dangerous and cold waters of San Francisco Bay, the island was used extensively for detaining prisoners by the first recorded incident of 1861. This move until 1933, when it was renamed Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary and they welcomed the first batch of prisoners just a year later. During the 29 years working as a prison, 36 attempted escapees, none of which made landfall.

These are just some of the best landmarks you could explore during your trip to America. Why not book your vacation today and discover your own American dream? Top Four Landmarks of America.

The Beauty of Colorado Springs and Its Hotels

Colorado Springs is a highly populated city in El Paso, Colorado, United States. It is the 47th most populous city and 2nd in the US. It is located east of the geographic center of the state, about 59 miles south of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

Colorado Springs lies just over a mile above sea level, though more parts of the city are significantly higher. The city is located near the foot of Pikes Peak on the eastern boundary of South Rocky Mountain. It houses important national defense agencies and numerous military installations, as well as the US Air Force Academy. Top Four Landmarks of America.

Most Colorado Springs tourism industries emphasize natural attractions such as the popular Pikes Peas. It has several parks and trails because of its location beside the popular Rocky Mountains. With some mountains nearby, it has gained recognition due to its rock formations and some other geological features. Outdoor lovers should definitely try this trail.

Springs and Its Hotels

In addition, the United States National Federation or USNF for individual Olympic sports has its main center in Colorado Springs, including the US Federation of Fairies, the US Figure Skating Association and USA, boxing and basketball, USA Judo, hockey in the USA, shooting in the USA and swimming in the USA. They also have USA triathlon, USA volleyball, and USA handshake.

There are many hotels to find in Colorado Springs. One of them is the Antlers Hilton Colorado Springs Hotel.

The La Quinta Inn & Suites Colorado Springs is located west of the Paterson Air Force and Colorado Springs Airport. This hotel is close to Fort Carson Military Base, NORAD, and the Olympic Training Center. This hotel offers exceptional service, superb accommodation, and a relaxing atmosphere.

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