Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica – Why?

Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica - Why?

Here is the Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica. With an area of around 51.1k sqm. Costa Rica enjoys both tropical and sub-tropical climates making it one of the abundant places to visit or stay. It enjoys an inflation rate of less than 7 percent, GDP at $ 38.27 billion and has natural resources such as hydroelectric power, forest products, fishery products. Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica.

In the last five years, the federal government has initiated several mega-scale projects in the South Pacific region in anticipation of future growth. Major features of infrastructure development enticing multi-national real estate investment companies are as below,

The Costanera Highway from Dominical to Palmar Norte has been completed (and Costanera to the US Highway)
An International Airport 5 miles from the current regional airport in Palmar Sur
A new hospital under construction just 7 miles north of Almar overlooks Costanera Highway
Most parts of the country are accessible by an extensive road system of more than 30,000 kilometers.
Benefits of having a property in Costa Rica:

The anticipated above has worked with Costa Rica’s real estate market with tremendous growth. With the federal government pumping in more on infrastructure development, property values have also risen.

Ownership Rights: More than 1949 foreign constitutional agreements can own and enjoy the same property rights as residents of Costa Rica. In addition, title insurance is available from American-based Stewart and First American Corporation. Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica.

Insurance: An inclusive policy can be purchased that covers the following in the Pacific region:

Accidental fire
Hurricane winds, tree falls and bad damage
Earthquakes, waves, and volcanic eruptions
Loss of rent
Rental costs
The annual cost of this policy is 0.22262% on good insurance value plus a 13% sales tax.

Construction costs: The cost of good construction starts at about $ 65 per square foot lower than the same type of construction in the United States.

Property taxes: Annual property taxes are 0.25%. Put another way, for every $ 100,000 worth of your property worth, you will pay $ 250 annually in taxes. Paradise Brokers can help facilitate this process. Multi-National Property Investment Company:

The above infrastructure and development have been appreciated by over 200 global companies that have chosen Costa Rica as a facility location thus making it one of the promising destinations for real estate investment opportunities. Some of the leaders are as under,

Intel Corporation

Intel operates a $ 300 million staffing facility on 2,000 manufacturing and distribution operations involving the assembly, testing, and distribution of Intel Pentium, Celeron, and Xeon processors. Hundreds of accounting professionals have been hired for a new financial services center. In addition, the facility also includes component design and software development operations.

Procter and Gamble

Establish around 1,200 people in its administrative center for the Western Hemisphere; Boston Scientific, Allergan, Hospira, and Baxter Healthcare in the healthcare product industry. Further even, companies such as Del Monte, Dole, and Chiquita engage their presence in the banana and pineapple surplus coffee industries which is also one of Costa Rica’s largest products.

Top Four Landmarks of America

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