Information About Specialty Resorts Located Thailand

Resorts Located in Thailand

Like many other people, when it comes to travel, I’ve been able to see pretty well where I was and what I came up with. I have visited almost every single state in the United States and guess a few more places, such as France, Tuscany, Australia and you Thailand.

Information About Resorts

If I had to make a list of the top ten, it would be unbelievably tough considering there are so many beautiful places to visit on the planet, but if I had to, I would definitely have chosen Thailand and placed it somewhere between Japan and Rome. Thailand or more precisely Pataya lives about 165 km southeast of Bangkok on the east coast of Thailand.

This popular country officially titled the Kingdom of Thailand, has more visitors than any other country in South East Asia, and very few countries meet the incredible combo of natural beauty, amazing temples, and great culinary options! One of the main attractions in Pattaya is the amazingly exotic beach and beach resorts. All Information About Specialty Resorts Located in Thailand.

Royal Cliff Beach Resort & Spa – This is one of the very few resorts that actually offer M.I.C.E. Provides services that are organized to give customers like you everything you need in one place. I like to call them “one-stop shops”. The MICE is a short form that refers to meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions.

Resorts Located in Thailand

The resort is also conveniently located half a kilometer from the airport! This place is absolutely amazing, I just hope you take the time to test it out!

Garden Cliff Resorts & Spas – This hotel, in particular, is much smaller than Royal Cliff but still beautiful! It has about 240 rooms and is located near the sea east of Thailand.

Riviera Resort – And it’s still small with about 60 rooms.

This is probably best if you want to go somewhere on your own or even with your kids. This place is great as well but I can see it has a very nice atmosphere.

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