Los Angeles – City of Angels

Los Angeles - City of Angels

The word “Los” in Spanish means the city, so Los Angeles in Spanish means the city of angels. Los Angeles, or LA as it’s popularly known, is one of the major tourist destinations. It is part of Southern California and is famous for its beaches. The climate of the city is neither too hot nor too cold, but moderate throughout the year. But temperatures vary considerably throughout the day. The afternoons are the hottest but the evenings are a little cool with an average temperature of 72 to 76 degrees. Los Angeles – City of Angels.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles metropolitan area is a combination of many small towns spread around the city. The people of Los Angeles are slowly bowing to the Hispanic community. This increase in the Spanish-speaking population is the result of the proximity of Mexico, located just a few kilometers from the city. These Hispanics contribute significantly to the cultural diversity of the city and maintain the economic engine of growth.

City of Angels

LA has many attractions, but the most famous is Hollywood Blvd, Universal Studios theme park and the Beverly Hills shopping district. LA is also home to many live comedy programs that produce talented comedians around the world. Unlike many big cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, Los Angeles is not famous for its buildings but for its importance as a cultural center.

The main daily newspaper of the region is the LA Times. OpiniĆ³n is the main Spanish language newspaper in the city. There are also a number of small regional, weekly and alternative magazines, including the Daily News (which mainly deals with the San Fernando Valley), LA Weekly, LA CityBeat, LA Record (which focuses on the music scene of the Greater Region). Los Angeles – City of Angels.

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Examples include the Daily Breeze (serving the South Bay) and the Long Beach Press-Telegram. Tourists from around the world flock to LA to discover its culture, fashion and entertainment offerings. Tourists from the peaceful countries of Japan, China, and Korea dominate the numbers. This may also be due to the large Chinese immigrant population living in the greater Los Angeles area.

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