Cheap Hotels in New York – Definitely Possible!

Cheap Hotels in New York

Cheap Hotels in New York – Definitely Possible! Cheap New York hotels may seem like an oxymoron to many, but this is definitely a possibility! The city, considered one of the most expensive in the world, has a number of excellent hotels that fit into many pockets.

New York is a top-quality tourist destination. Flights to New York are just as popular as the city itself, and if you manage to get cheap air tickets to New York, at least throw ‘Cheap Tickets on Flights to New York is not something you call’ common ‘. Just in the same form are the cheap hotels in New York – it’s very little, but proper research and planning will get you one!

Below are some examples of cheap accommodation options in the city of New York, to make the task of budget travelers easy.

East Village Bed and Coffee

It may not be the traditional image of a Manhattan hotel, but it is certainly a viable option for open-shoppers and, of course, money-linked travelers. It is a three-story property with a shared bathroom, a lounge (with TV, computer and internet access) and a well-equipped kitchen. Guests are expected to prepare their own meals while providing tea and coffee.

Chelsea Lodge

Chelsea Lodge is a popular option for cheap accommodation among regular travelers to the city of New York. Chelsea District is a wonderful alternative to shopping, art galleries, and nightlife. A particularly rustic look is another facet of the hotel which makes it very popular with guests. Thorn doors, patchwork, and flower painted walls are some of the important aspects of Chelsea Lodge. Most bedrooms share a bathroom, but there are a few rooms with en-suite bathrooms available, of course at higher prices.

Hotel 17

Hotel 17, located in the Gramercy Park suburb, has a classic ‘old-world’ charm. In fact, the hotel’s environment is so impressively classic that it has been used for many fashion shoots! Guests with slightly deeper pockets are also available with en-suite double rooms.

Hotel 414

Hotel 414 is a great option for those looking for a pleasant stay in New York, with some affordability. Hotel 414, very close to Times Square, makes sure it stays with most leisure travelers booking flights to New York. The bedrooms are spacious and comfortable.

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